Tips For Students Considering Studying

The pre-election stage of the university career is usually complicated. It is a decision that will mark the rest of the students’ lives, which many faces without too much information and without the certainty of knowing exactly what they want. Although many do have clear vocation and preferences, others need a little push. That is why from our experts, we want to give some advice for those students who consider studying the career of Dentistry.

Dentistry is a specialty that is dedicated to the study of teeth, gums and bones, their pathologies, and ailments. It is the discipline responsible for everything related to the stomatognathic apparatus, formed by the set of organs and tissues found in the mouth, part of the skull, face and neck, and its professionals are regulated by the General Council of Dental Associations and the professional associations of each region.

In recent years, Dentistry has undergone some important changes for different reasons. Formerly, the solution to eliminate the pain of a tooth was the withdrawal of it, without giving more options, so the subsequent complications were greater than the current ones.

Also, the sector itself has undergone a transformation. Oral health services have experienced growth, although the incidence of tooth decay in children and adolescents has decreased. The trend of this last decade in dentistry is aimed at the improvement of periodontal, aesthetic problems, malocclusions, and absences of missing teeth.

Dentistry As A Career

The Bachelor of Dentistry as independent studies to those of Medicine is established in 1986. From that moment, there was an exponential increase in the number of dentists that has not been correlated with an increase in the population, so it must be understood that there are more and more professionals for the same number of inhabitants. It is a phenomenon that has also occurred in professions such as nursing, veterinary, optics, or physiotherapy, among many others.

More and more universities are offering this career. A very important factor for student learning is the realization of academic practices somewhere where the work for which they are preparing is professionally developed. Therefore, the universities themselves have polyclinics and clinics in which very comprehensive practice programs are developed.

The students in fourth and fifth grade begin to treat real patients, who are informed of all the running and the university character of the clinic, which serves to toughen as dental professionals and begin to realize everything they have studied in books.

Is it advisable to do a master’s degree in dentistry?

Currently, there are countless postgraduate courses and masters taught by professionals of the highest level, which give the opportunity to all those professionals who need to incorporate them into their day to day as a great added value.

The preparation, update, and increase of knowledge are fundamental in this profession since we are in a continuous process of change and evolution. It is the order of the day the appearance of advances, new materials, and technologies that help us improve the quality of our treatments in order to offer all patients a better service.

In addition to complementing what was studied in the university with some subsequent specialization, students can evolve and improve their professional profile in different ways. One of the most recurrent is international mobility, widely recognized as one of the best experiences for the professional improvement of a dentist.

There are professionals who go abroad for subsistence since they see in it the only way to practice their profession; others who do it to grow professionally; some also seek personal fulfillment by developing their profession while living in another country.