Insider Tips

The orthodontic treatments are very effective for correcting defects in the alignment of our teeth, but require the cooperation of the patient in the daily care. There are some hygiene tricks for orthodontics that we can apply every day at home without visiting our dentist, which will make it easier for the doctor to do each check, ensure the efficiency of the treatment and avoid future diseases such as caries, halitosis or gum diseases, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

It is known that the use of fixed appliances with brackets is somewhat uncomfortable in terms of hygiene: at the time of the meal, the device makes it easier for food remains to be stored between the brackets and teeth.

The market, sometimes, puts before us the best options and tricks for orthodontic hygiene. We can find many dental hygiene materials and accessories that can help all patients with braces. For example, toothbrushes whose bristles have a particular design and adapted to be more incisive and effective when cleaning mouths with apparatus.

The use of dental irrigators may also be recommended. These gadgets allow us to clean our teeth with a water jet at an adjustable pressure and temperature, something very satisfactory, and that achieves very good results in terms of the effectiveness of oral hygiene.

What Should Be The Routine For Proper Hygiene Of The Brackets?

From our experts, we advise carrying, whether or not the patient has braces, at least three mandatory daily brushings, which should be more when there are brackets in the mouth. It is ideal after each meal, and we recommend it.

In addition, specifically for patients who follow orthodontic treatments, it is necessary to go to reviews with a periodicity of between three and four weeks, as appropriate, so that our professional team can be on top of the evolution and the correct development of the treatment.

What Foods Should We Avoid While Wearing Braces?

The first rule that we usually explain is to reduce the intake of sugary foods considerably since it is the main source of decay. Without proper hygiene, bacterial plaque accumulates inevitably, being the beginning of several oral problems such as bad breath, bleeding gums, and tooth decay.

It is advisable at this stage not to resort to food with a very high hardness since they can cause the brackets to peel off or deform the existing equipment in the mouth. This is the case with bone foods, whether olives or different types of fruit, which are not recommended at the same level as nuts, gum, or gummies, should be avoided.

A very common practice that should be avoided for the sake of oral health, especially in those who follow orthodontic treatments, is to manipulate objects with their mouth and teeth: it is strictly prohibited. To do so is to expose yourself to a great risk of accident, completely avoidable, and that can be very harmful.

Why Is It Important To Maximize Hygiene During Treatment With Fixed Appliances?

Perfectly clean teeth tend to move much better and respond more effectively to the movements we print. The risk of bleeding and swelling of the gums decreases markedly.

Having clean teeth gives a sensation of freshness in the mouth that is difficult to explain, noticing you and everyone around you, so whether or not you are treated with appliances, it is advisable to brush your teeth three times a day, but the dentist’s supervision and work remain essential for the effectiveness of the treatment.